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Jake Arnold for Lulu & Georgia

Jake Arnold for Lulu & Georgia is an earthy, tactile capsule of rugs that make any space feel like home. The latest collection consists of eight rugs created from natural and timeless materials like wool, viscose, linen, and jute. Each piece plays with shape, texture, and materiality to create a layered feel that engages the senses and sparks conversation. The Havenhurst features abstract graphic patterns that feel current and stylish while the Chiltern is plush and hand-knotted to evoke sophistication and classicism. From statement pieces to understated luxury, this collection possesses the dimension and depth needed to add character to any space.

While the collection leans heavily on grounded and natural tones, it doesn’t isolate itself from drama or mystery. Each rug was designed to flow seamlessly into any space–regardless of aesthetic preference. Arnold states that he “wants this collection to make people feel like they can have a piece of Jake Arnold in their home, so that everyone can feel inspired, warm and cozy in their space.” This emotive capsule is both subtle and forward, making it a complimentary element for impactful designs.

Experiment with print, whether that be on furniture, throw pillows, or even wallcoverings—the rugs are a neutral base that can work with pretty much anything.

Jake Arnold, Homes & Gardens